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  1. 契約の範囲(Scope)
  2. 一般条項(General)
  3. 外国為替(Foregin Exchange)
  4. 最終価格(Net Price)
  5. 価格(Prices)
  6. 利息(Interest)
  7. 支払期日(Payment Terms)





Unless ABC otherwise agrees in writing, a sales contract only become binding when the client has placed an order in writing that has been accepted in writing by ABC.

対訳:第1条 契約の範囲



Oral requests shall be confirmed by the customer in writing and accepted by ABC in writing, otherwise ABC shall not be liable for consequential errors or misunderstanding in respect of such requests. ABC may accept or refuse such requests for variation at its option.

対訳:第2条 一般条項

口頭による通知だけでは契約が成立しません。ABC社に対してお客様は書面をもって通知し、ABC社は書面をもって承認した旨の確認を行うものとします。 書面による確認がなされていない場合、結果として引き起こされる間違い、または誤解についての責任をABC社は負わないものとします。 求められる変更内容によっては、ABC社は要求内容の承諾に応じない場合があります。

3.Foregin Exchange

Our quotation is based upon an exchange rate of USD1.00 =JPY85.00. Should the exchange rate vary by more than 5% at the time of supply of goods/services, ABC reserves the right to reprice the goods /services in accordance with the then current exchange rate.

対訳:第3条 外国為替

見積価格は為替レート 1ドル=85円を基にしています。 商品納入時/サービス提供時に為替が5%を超えて変動した場合、ABC社は、 その時の為替レートに基づき商品/サービスの価格を見直す権利を保有するものとします。

4.Net Price

Quoted prices are net.

対訳:第4条 最終価格



Unless a price has been quoted by ABC, and accepted by the client or unless otherwise agreed in writing between them, all others placed and work carried out are accepted for execution at the prices published in ABC Scale of charges curret at the commencement of the service subject to condition 2 below.

All amounts stated are exclusive of taxes or levy, which shall be charged in addition at the rate in force at the date payment is required from the client.

Further, unless otherwise agreed in writing by ABC, all amounts stated are exclusive of delivery and packaging costs which shall be extra to the client's account.

対訳:第5条 価格





Amounts due for payment but outstanding shall be subject to the addition of Statutory Interest in accordance with the provisions of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts(Interest) Act 2002 at the time of debt.

対訳:第6条 利息


7.Payment Terms

Where no other terms of payment have been agreed in writing between ABC and Purchaser payment shall be without any deductions whatsover within thirty days from date of invoice. Value added tax shall be shown on each invoice as a separate item.

対訳:第7条 支払期日



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