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  1. 見積(Quotation)
  2. 見積の有効期限(Validity of Quotations)
  3. 発注番号(Order Number)
  4. 顧客負担(Client's charges)
  5. 危険負担(Risk of Loss)
  6. 保険(Insurance)
  7. クレーム(Claim)





In the case of supply of services, our quotation is based upon information provided by the client to ABC prior to the data of this quotation.

If additional work or modification to the scope of work is required, written and signed authorisation by the client is to be provided before ABC is required to commence the additional or modified work scope.

Additional work undertaken, whether written authorisation is provided by client or not, will be invoiced and payable by the client at standard ABC rates in exess of the price quoted, including but not limited to labour, equipment rate, accommodation and transport.

対訳:第8条 見積




9.Validity of Quotations

Quotations for the supply of goods and services are valid for 30 days.

However, ABC reserves the right to alter pricing stated within quotations, subject to client notification, if changes are required by the client to the scope of work to be performed or to the goods to be supplied.

ABC reserves the right to increase prices quoted for the supply of goods prior to delivery in the event that a relevant manufacturer's prices increase. If the increase to the quoted prices is less than 5% for the relevant goods, the client will not have a right to cancel the order.

対訳:第9条 見積の有効期限


お客様がサービス提供範囲の変更を希望された場合、 または購入する商品の変更を望まれた場合、ABC社はお客様に通知することによって、当初の見積金額を変更することができます。



10.Order Number

An order number must be confirmed in writing by the client before mobilisation of equipment is required to commence by ABC.

対訳:第10条 発注番号


11.Client's charges

Unless otherwise specified in the quotation, all taxes, surcharges, storage, charges, permit fees, custom duties, consular fees, insurance charges, and other applicable charges will be borne by the client.

対訳:第11条  顧客負担


12. Risk of Loss

The client assumes all risk of loss or damage to goods ordered from ABC upon those goods being loaded for despatch from ABC's premises.

対訳:第12条 危険負担



Unless requested by the client in writing and agreed to in writing by ABC, no shipments of goods are insured by ABC against damage or loss in transit, and ABC assumes no liability whatsoever in regard to the obtaining of insurance or risk of loss or damage to goods in transit.

対訳:第13条 保険



Without limiting the effect of clauses 12 and 13, any claim regarding shortages in any shipment of goods must be made in writing within 30 days from the receipt of such shipment, and must be accompanied by the packing list or lists covering the shipment or order.

対訳:第14条 クレーム



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